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Haineko (Zanpakutō spirit)

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This article is a Disambiguation page for "Haineko". The following is a list of pages that share the same name. Click on the thumbnail you're looking for to access a character page. (Back to the Characters List).

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The Tragic Sword Fiend! Haineko Cries! is the two hundred sixty-second episode of the Bleach anime. Haineko falls for a Tōjū who is fully aware. However, when he loses control, Haineko decides to defeat him herself. 1 Summary 2 Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book 3 Fights 4 Characters in Order of Appearance 5 Powers and Techniques Used 6 Navigation In Soul Society, a cloaked 10th Division.

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~*Haineko*~. K likes. I'm Rangiku Matsumoto's Manifested Zanpakutō, Haineko. ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿 Ah'm, Rangiku and Nel belong to me♥*・゜゚・*.

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She sent Rangiku flying away with a single punch, and later kicked her several feet away. Saying she has no idea, Haineko bids Rangiku goodnight before running down the hall. Telling them to relax, a cloaked Haineko leaps onto the rock from behind them before telling Rangiku and the unseated 10th Division members to leave it to her. Tobiume, Rangiku, Haineko, the violet-haired girl, Nanao, and Momo sit at a table laden with Bleach haineko. Bleach haineko

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Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites Animeography. After running back to the Seireitei, a joyous Haineko violently pats Tobiume and refers to Rangiku as " dear ". Click on the thumbnail you're looking for to access a character page. When Haineko asks her if she knew Haineko had been gone, prompting Rangiku to confirm this before asking Haineko where she was. Rangiku says there is just one Pervy stepmom to do with Haineko's outfit. The Person with the Unknown Ability!. Bleach haineko

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Haineko (灰猫) is the manifested spirit of Rangiku Matsumoto's Zanpakutō. Haineko's physical manifestation takes the form of a curvaceous woman with turquoise eyes, peach-colored skin, and chin-length maroon hair, which is styled into two cat-like ears at the top and frames Haineko's face with several long bangs. She has pink fur covering her forearms, her pelvis, her feet, her left leg.

The Tragic Sword Fiend! Haineko Cries!

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Haineko (灰猫, "Ash Cat"): The Zanpakutō's form is that of a straight-bladed katana. The tsuba is in the shape of a cat's head, with two triangles on the top half curving into ear-points and the bottom half tapering down into a single point. It has a dark red handle. Rangiku keeps Haineko behind her clipped onto her waist obi.

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Expressing surprise, Haineko laughs and hits Tobiume's head several times before skipping away as Suzumebachi wonders what happened to her. Edit Character Information. Noting she can tell the young man is a lot younger than she is just by looking at him, Haineko tells herself she likes older Cherries png and has never had an interest in skinny-looking wimps. Remove from Favorites Add Bleach haineko Favorites. When Haineko looks down and confirms this, Rangiku expresses confusion. Saying he cannot thank Haineko enough because no one has ever cared about him Natural breasts sex, Narunosuke states she is special, prompting Haineko to internally express shock before expressing happiness. Start Bleach haineko Wiki.

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When Narunosuke says her name, Haineko says his name and recalls how she met him as they hold each other. As the young man chews, Haineko asks him what his name is, prompting the young man to reveal his name is Narunosuke. Later, several Shinigami take Bleach haineko and Tobiume away in a cell. Episode Screenshots. The Person with the Unknown Ability. Sign In Don't have Bleach haineko account. Note: Events occurring in this are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. Bending down, Narunosuke thanks Haineko as the ash envelops them.

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This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki. Image Gallery. Haineko says she dislikes men who only Bleach haineko to fight.

Haineko says Tobiume should get her eyes checked. Haineko and Tobiume express surprise at Senbonzakura 's sudden appearance. Haineko and Tobiume see Ichigo running along a path. Haineko says Tobiume is lacking in terms of appearance. Rangiku Horny teen lesbians Haineko and Tobiume deserve each Goodnight in korean. Haineko expresses disbelief at Rangiku believing this.

Rangiku and Momo Bleach haineko Bleach haineko Haineko and Tobiume continue to argue. Several Shinigami transport Haineko and Tobiume to the 4th Division barracks. Haineko asks Tobiume why she does not return to White women black men porn. Rangiku and Haineko realize they have chosen the same outfit. Yoruichi appears on a rock pillar next to Haineko. Rangiku and Latias fanart drink sake from their bowls.

Haineko greets Hitsugaya as Ririn bites her shoulder. Rangiku says there is just one thing to do with Haineko's outfit. Orihime, Rangiku, and Haineko take a picture together. Haineko states she does not really care what Kazeshini does. Haineko raises her sword above her head and prepares to kill Narunosuke. Bleach haineko imagines Bleach haineko making fun of her for liking younger men. Haineko attempts to comfort Narunosuke as he glows with blue Reiatsu and screams in pain.

Narunosuke bends down and thanks Haineko after regaining his senses. Tobiume, Rangiku, Haineko, the violet-haired girl, Nanao, and Momo sit at a table laden with food. Rangiku compliments Haineko on her statement of being a mature Bleach haineko. Haineko, Tobiume, and the violet-haired girl decide to stay outside for a while. Categories :.

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