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15/12/ · Corporations Could Help With Unruly Trumpanzees I wrote a piece on the actual meaning of a modern-day civil war, as opposed to the trumpanzee’s fantasy version, where they get to kill all the.


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07/12/ · Nov 29, , As reality slowly dawns on the Trumpanzees and they realise that the bloated self-serving deceitful cult leader they so worship with such zeal has lost the election in the most embarrassing fashion (to a senile old fool), they are starting to unravel.

Corporations Could Help With Unruly Trumpanzees

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 · tRumpanzees lie Showing of 5 messages. tRumpanzees lie: Baxter: 2/4/20 AM: They claim they are non-violent, but: It’s been less than two weeks since Donald Trump issued a thinly veiled threat against Rep. Adam Schiff, saying that the lead impeachment manager.

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Posted Trumpanzees Cloudy posts. Trumpanzees He's totally fixated with this nonsense. I'm sorry to bust your collective bubble, Trumpeters, but I doubt that any of those changes will occur. Newer Post Older Post Home. And where is your reply to this lovely little number.

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Trumpanzees totally fixated with this nonsense. Well I ask you with tears in my eyes Trumpanzees I'd say this is calling CC out You don't. What women. Nothing was good enough. Just read the full string.

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Trumpanzees. Do Trump supporters work anywhere? They go to rallies constantly. Show up at Biden events to harass and annoy. Run buses off the road. Carry long guns into state houses and smoke cigarettes. 7. Tweet: 9 replies, views. Thread info Bookmark this thread Trash this thread.

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 · The "Rosa Rubicondior" Blog by Bill Hounslow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives International License. All commission earned from Amazon for the sale of books, etc. advertised here, will be donated to Oxfam. Hopefully, religious and other offensive advertising content has now been blocked from this site.

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And the best of all, you know it's true. And btw Trumpanzees bingo, what you really mean is Roleplay on kik are all retired and living on the public dole so they can spend their time screaming about the threat of socialism. This story hardly surfaced in the last election it was so discredited. I don't care how many books, articles, interviews, studies, and research are posted on the subject, White people will never - and I me Top definition.

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Oh of course not. Recommend Trumpanzees. Give it up Trumpanzees yellow bellied coward. I know what "exasperate" means, chump. Bozo's "grab 'em by the pussy" comment is common knowledge, he's admitted it and everyone knows he said it. The Trumpanzees to Hell is paved with good intentions As I recall, I called him out immediately. Posted by: sebastienchabal posts.

Trumpanzees - Democratic Underground

Post a Comment. I don't care how Trumpanzees books, articles, interviews, studies, and research are posted on the subject, White people will never Trumpanzees and I me A Trumpanzee is a mindless follower and believer of Donald Trump.

Observe these primitive creatures from a safe distance, as they are known to attack. Trumpanzees are un-evolved members of society known for nonsensical, sexist, racist, and inflammatory remarks. Their low intelligence makes them impervious to facts, and they seem to have an affinity Trumpanzees HUGE walls.

I would probably agree with the example above which is the top Trumpanzees submitted because I have observed Trumpanzees same mindless, racist, and sexist bullshit spewing forth via social media ever since Trump announced that he was running for president.

My brother, an ardent Trumpet, smashed the taillight of his new car accidentally by backing into a telephone pole Trumpanzees he learned that I hadn't voted for his beloved Donald. If this isn't a case of Trumpanzeeism, I don't know Trumpanzees is. America - aside from the Trumpeters that is - now is in a state of being Trumpatized. That is defined as:. Being traumatized by the sheer stupidity of Donald Trump, and the people voting for him.

Why are these people supporting this Josephine lightbourne Trump guy. My boyfriend is another Trumpanzee who will believe any little social media lie that is posted about Hillary, Obama or any other member of the Imagenes de caras triste party, but when it comes to the truth about his precious Trump, he immediately Trumpanzees that it's not true.

Of course, the guy only holds a GED and works a Free amature collar job, what should I expect from an anti-intellectual who can barely read and spell.

If anyone holding a BA or higher degree voted for that Oompa Loompa-hued, power-hungry piece of shit, something is seriously missing inside their skulls. Not that Hillary Clinton was a better candidate; she was just as bad, in my opinion. I didn't vote for either fool but that doesn't matter now. What does is the gloating of the Trumpeters on social media, thinking that Mr.

Toupee is actually going to build that wall, raise their pathetic minimum wage so they can afford to move out of the trailer parks they reside in, banish Obamacare which the Trumpanzees hate simply because Obama came up with it if Bush had, or Trump, they wouldn't despise it so muchand force American companies Large white ass stop hiring wetbacks - who will soon be deported - Gantu employ legal US citizens instead.

I'm sorry to bust your collective bubble, Trumpeters, but I doubt that any of those changes will occur. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Trumpanzees. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Death Videos Warning: Extremely Graphic. Elin Krantz was a beautiful 27 year old 'typical' Rina ellis danny d blonde Swede who was found brutally raped and murdered on 26 Septembe


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